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 i had a weird dream part 1

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jet the hedgehog
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jet the hedgehog

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PostSubject: i had a weird dream part 1   Wed May 27, 2009 1:44 pm

i just had a weird dream,ill tell you it but first let me tell you ll the characters

2.crystal of dragons
13.king arthur
14.knight dragon (arthur's form)

it all started in a bottemless pit.........
we were all fighting eachother, we even fought our own forms!
but it wasn't really bottemless,it led to camelot
when we fell there, the dragons and the hedgehogs split up
the hedgehogs saw king arthur in their way and he said "meet me in my castle and face my ultimate form" and ran off. the dragons saw the knight dragon in heir way and he said "meet me where the crystal of all spirit dragons live and face my ultimate form" suddenly................................ the sun went up and........................................ i woke up! but i might dream the next part
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i had a weird dream part 1
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